9,000 people set world record for largest water balloon fight

How many participants and water balloons does it take to qualify for the world's largest water balloon fight? Try 8,957 chicks and dudes flinging 175,141 water balloons at each other on a college field. That's insane — and it was all captured in slow-mo, to boot.

The event, organized by the University of Kentucky's Christian Student Fellowship set out to break Brigham Young University's 2010 record that only had 3,927 water balloon flingers. With twice as many water balloon fighters, it's only a matter of time before the Guinness World Records hands over the title to the University of Kentucky.

We'll just say, getting wet and wild with water balloons is one hell of a way to end summer vacation and ring in the new school year. Just one question: who cleaned all the shredded ballon pieces?

YouTube, via Laughing Squid

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