65,000-piece Lego Trump Tower will blow The Donald's hair away

Congratulations Sean Kenney, you win this week's bragging rights for building this incredible 10-foot tall Chicago Trump International Hotel and Tower out of Lego.

This isn't just a Lego brick for brick replica of The Apprentice reality show celeb's Chicago digs. Kenney went all out, even building the exterior's "glass reflections" right in. This is taking Lego building to the next level.

Exactly how long does a project of such epic proportions take? About one month with three helpers and zero bottles of glue. That's right, the entire structure is glue-free.

Gosh, we're tempted to go all Godzilla on it and smash it to bits, but that'd be awful.

SeanKenney, via BrothersBrick

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