25 terrifying microscope images of common critters

Not too long ago we showed you 15 of this year's best electron microscope images, delivered unto the world by the Oregon-based microscope makers at FEI. Well, you'd never know it, but there was actually something missing from that gallery: the gruesome and horrifying bug close-ups.

DVICE writer and bug-o-phobe Evan Ackerman wouldn't include the gross critters, no matter how amazing and otherworldly they looked. Well, I will.

Here are 25 scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of everyone's favorite creepy crawlies like you've never seen them before. How many can you click through before you get the willies? I saved what I think is the weirdest and grossest for last.

Now, without any further delay: tonight's nightmares, brought to you by DVICE.


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