$183 'sheet' gives Sony laptops glasses-free 3D when you want it

Are you thinking of buying one of Sony's Vaio S laptops, but worried it doesn't come with glasses-free 3D? Fear no more, because Sony is releasing a "lenticular sheet" that can be placed over the screen and enable glasses-free 3D, any time you want the give your eyeballs a depth punch.

Similar to Pic3D's glasses-free 3D film, Sony's glasses-free sheet trumps it by combining the laptop's face tracking technology to optimize viewing angles so that the 3D is always in focus.

That's one of the problems glasses-free 3D devices like the 3DS, HTC EVO 3D and Toshiba's glasses-free 3D TVs suffer from: poor viewing angles, outside of the "sweet spot."

Sony says the overlay sheet will cost about $183 a sheet. Between the optional "sheet" battery Sony sells for the Vaio S and this one, the laptop will end up chunkier if you get both sheets.

We like the idea of "sheets," but one has to wonder, if the computer would be more attractive (albeit more expensive) if it had the sheets built-in from the start.

At least it's an optional accessory, meaning if you hate 3D, then you can steer clear from it, but if you want to upgrade, it's there for you when you need it.


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