Xbox 360 kills the gloss, leaves Wii to fight fingerprints alone

The "premium" ride is officially over. Microsoft's ditching the gloss finish on the Xbox 360 and bringing matte back. Die fingerprints, die!

The last major console to retain its glossy case is Nintendo's Wii, a box that's already looking antiquated, especially with the Wii U only a year away. Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed that all new Xbox 360s coming off the production line will be matte as opposed to the shiny scratch-prone plastic that the 250GB console has.

The original Xbox 360 came in matte and when it was redesigned last year, Microsoft gave it a glossy revamp. The only redesigned Xbox 360 to sport a matte finish was the 4GB model. Every other Xbox 360 now joins the slim PS3 in the matte boat.

It's a minor aesthetic change, but it's a pet-peeve for many. Lots of people like to have their electronics look clean in their entertainment center — dusty looks don't help them achieve that. All I need to do is look at my eight-month-old Xbox 360 and its scratched up body and wish that a matte 250GB version existed last year.

Also worth noting, Kinect sensors aren't getting a matte facelift to match the new matte 360s.

After leading the U.S. console market for its seventh straight month, it would appear a successor to the system needn't be rushed out to combat the Wii U. Couple the new matte console with the R2-D2 limited edition 360 and an array of redesigned accessories that Microsoft's churning out and a new Xbox looks even less necessary.

Microsoft's really milking this 10-year plan as much as it can, isn't it?

Major Nelson, via MCV

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