Wearing this R2-D2 bike helmet is dorky, gets you geek love

We admit, we have a thing for R2-D2. We love Artoo to death. That much is clear. We also aren't keen on dorky bike helmets, although we do wear them because the law requires us to. When we heard some sweet girl smashed an R2-D2 together with a helmet, well, we just fell in love.

Jenn Hall (no relation to our Kevin Hall) is the 25-year-old Philadelphian artist that fixed up a dinky helmet into the lovable R2-D2 one. It doesn't rotate, make sounds, or light up, but that's OK, this is Artoo we're talking about here — on a helmet.

Yeah, we'd wear one.


Although Hall mostly used spray paint and masking tape to create the droid helmet, the end result came out pretty good. Hall's also handy with baking. She plans to make an R2-D2 cake, but only if somebody orders it. Where do we sign up?

and Geekadelphia, via Technabob

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