Video: 1,200-car Hot Wheel sculpture up close in crazy detail

Long-time performance artist Chris Burden has been working on his 1,200-car Hot Wheel sculpture, "Metropolis II," for four years now. Well, he's finished it up now, and to celebrate it, the art piece is the star of a thoughtful, six minute documentary. Who knew Hot Wheels could be, well, deep?

Created by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman — the folks behind the indie flick, Catfish, if you're familiar — Metropolis II by Chris Burden (the movie) is shot so thoughtfully and with such clarity that it seems to give Burden's creation an actual life of its own. Add in there some questions answered by Burden as the video goes on, and you've got yourself a surprisingly compelling package, one that will make you forget you're looking at a bunch of tracked toy roads with 1,200 Hot Wheels zipping by — already impressive on its own.

I mean, I found myself admiring the architecture. The architecture of this little, model city.

Check out Metropolis II up close and personal in the video below.

Chris Burden, via Boing Boing

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