Power up your house during blackouts using your electric car

A couple of weeks ago we saw how GM and Nissan were figuring out ways use old car batteries as a backup power supply for your house. Now Nissan has gone one step further, by revealing a plan that will tap into the power stored in your Nissan Leaf in the event of a blackout.

The Leaf to Home system will use a special two way power port where you normally charge the car, but which can also reverse the flow of electricity so you can keep the lights on in an emergency. Nissan says that a fully charged Leaf stores enough juice to run a typical Japanese home for two days, but I expect you can cut that estimate in half for a US home.

I see one major flaw with this scheme. After two days without grid power, how are you going to escape to your cousin's place where they still have electricity, now that you've depleted your Leaf's battery?

Nissan says they will start rolling out Leaf to Home next March in Japan.

Nikkei, via PopSci

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