Time Warner to buy Slingboxes for high-end broadband customers

If you subscribe to Time Warner's $99-a-month Wideband internet service, you'll soon be able to pick up a place-shifting Slingbox for free.

The $300 Slingbox, which lets you watch and control your TV from afar on a laptop or tablet, has been around for a while. But this is the first time a cable company will be giving them away. Most industry pundits view this as a shot across the bow to companies such as Viacom who have sued cable companies such as Time Warner to prevent them from offering up iPad apps of their own that would allow customers to watch TV on a tablet. It's a reminder that there are other ways to do the same thing, and that they can't control it.

But whatever the business backstory, for customers, it's a pretty sweet deal. You can't argue with free.

Via NY Times

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