Video: 'Phonecam magician' dazzles TED crowd with sneaky iPods

Marco Tempest is a Swiss magician and illusionist based out of New York City who stopped by TED to show of his techno magic skills. What is techno magic? Well, in this case, it involves a rapidly changing visual feast powered by three cleverly used iPod Touches.

The star of his own television show, "The Virtual Magician," Tempest is reputed for his multimedia magic and use of interactive technology and computer graphics in his illusions.

Tempest has been posting "phonecam magic" on his YouTube channel and other popular viral video sites as far back as 2006. Initially, the postings were a challenge in response to magicians on television shows who had used either special camera tricks, editing or digital effects to present magic which was only possible in that medium.

In a reaction against magic that relied on camera tricks rules formed: Shoot the magic on a phonecam in one take. No cuts, no edits. The magic must be original — nothing from a book or that other magicians are doing. Tempest's first phonecam trick, in which he caused a borrowed umbrella to shrink visibly on camera, was later picked up and featured on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, and a later version earned him a spot on HBO's "Comedy Festival" at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

See Tempest work his magic for yourself in the video below — more than just a simple illusion, he creates a heartfelt and clever meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion.

Via Wimp

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