This is what the Batwing looks like in the The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final Batman movie in Christopher Nolan's trilogy is going to rock. How do we know? Because Batman will be piloting a Batwing, that's why.

Currently filming in Pittsburgh, photos of Batman's Batwing were leaked all over the Internet over the weekend, with video showing the aftermath of its accidental crash into a street-sign.

Here's a clear video of the Batwing flying down what's presumed to be Gotham:

And here's the Batwing hitting a sign:

We know what you're thinking. Another crash? Didn't a video of Catwoman crashing the Batpod into an IMAX camera just hit the web a few days ago? Unfortunately, yes. In case you missed that, here's that video in full:

While details for The Dark Knight Rises are scarce, we do know one thing: driving Batman's vehicles is hard, even for stunt doubles. Not that the original Tumbler and Batpod weren't hard to drive, but you know, with a couple of years and two movies under the Batman team's belt, you'd think they'd build less-crashy prop vehicles, but oh, whatever. BATWING!

EyePrime, via Nerd Approved

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