This is what Blade Runner set in Paris would have looked like

You just haven't lived until you've seen Paris at night. The molten, orange lights. The glowing billboards. Flying police cars in the rain. The wind turbines over the River Seine.

What? That doesn't sound like the Paris you've heard about? Oh, sorry — I must be thinking of crazy cyberpunk Paris.

For better or worse, this stunning work isn't for a Blade Runner sequel. No, it's actually the concept art for Adrift, a newly announced game by French developer Dontnod.

The official synopsis for your eyes:

Neo-Paris 2084,

Augmented reality and memory manipulation have taken control of peoples' lives. You can now digitize, buy, sell or trade your own personal memories. The last remainders of intimacy have been swept away, in what appears to be a simple extension of the development of social networks and geolocation at the beginning of the 21st century. The "surveillance society" has been accepted by the citizens themselves, in exchange for a few technological benefits. It is a reality that no one even thinks of challenging anymore. This memory-based economy gives an immense yet uncontrollable power to a handful of people...

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about taking a trip to Neo-Paris sometime in the future. Adrift looks to be in its earliest stages and there's not a lot of info to go on, though the concept art is definitely tantalizing enough. And now, without further adieu ado, dig on into that gallery below. The images blow up nice and big.

Dontnod, via io9

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