This is what a world designed for robots would look like

One of the hurdles robot engineers come up against is that we live in a world designed for humans. Creating robots that can live in this space and effectively interact the way we do — navigating with two legs, five senses and the ability to learn — is a tall order indeed. To that end, designer Diego Trujillo Pisanty is designing a more robot friendly world.

In With Robots, Pisanty wants to realize that tantalizing dream of a robot helper being able to live and work in the home. "With Robots approaches the issue from an alternative perspective looking at how our homes and objects might change in order to accommodate the needs of robots," Pisanty writes on his blog. "The changes on the objects were designed thinking on the tasks domestic robots will be doing such as folding bed sheets, setting the table, washing, cooking and learning to interact with the 3D world."

In the gallery below you'll find his changes, as well as a brief explanation for each.

With Robots, via BotJunkie

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