Best 3D printing use ever: adorable RC Mario Kart turtle shells

Michael "Skimbal" Curry has honed in on the best use ever for the budding 3D printing technology: recreating Mario Kart's much loved (or hated, depending on what side of the shell you're on) turtley projectile. The Turtle Shell Racers are small, remote controlled and oh my god my fingers don't work anymore I just want one.

Curry, having just lost his job at an architectural firm, used his $700 MakerBot to reverse his bad luck. Or, at least, create something to bring a smile to anyone who sees it, because he's not selling them (probably because of the legal challenges from Nintendo that would no doubt crop up). He does have the complete instructions available here if you happen to have a 3D printer. (If you don't have a 3D printer handy and not being able to have one of these cute Turtle Shell Racers are making you die a little inside, there are a few Mario Kart RC toys out there.)

We'll end it on a quote from the man himself: "I think we can all agree, life would become much more interesting if I launched a turtle shell at you every once and a while." S'truth, Mr. Curry.

Check out more of the racers in the gallery below, and see 'em in action right here.

Thingiverse, via Gizmodo, via Engadget

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