These 12-neck guitars see your double shredder, raise you ten

John Taylor might be able to pluck out 600 beats per minute on a solo guitar, but there's no way he can handle one of Yoshihiko Satoh's 12-neck guitars. Not because he's not up to the challenge (the man likes to set the the bar extremely high), but because he physically can't — he doesn't have enough arms or fingers to reach all 12 guitar necks.

No word on whether or not these guitars actually work or not. If they do, the sound produced would likely be very strange (even if you did have 12 dudes rocking each one) as the vibrations would be all over the place.

Why did Satoh come up these crazy guitars? The man apparently "takes mass-produced goods and alters or multiplies them to 'unleash the energy residing in their function and shape.'" Whatever man, I'd hang one these on the wall without hesitation.

Check out the crazy multiplied guitars in the sweet gallery below.

Yoshihiko Satoh, via ThisIsColossol, WonderfulOpportunity, Lustik

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