The Energizer iSurge travel charger will juice up anything

We have so many gadgets these days, and all of them need to be recharged almost daily. When you're traveling, that can be a pretty big pain. The Energizer iSurge aims to help.

Here's what it packs:

It features a 30 pin dock at the top that will allow you to dock your iPod or iPhone, along with two USB ports with 2.1 Amp output for charging your iPad or other USB chargeable devices. On top of that it also features 3 standard surge-protected AC outlets that will allow you to charge pretty much any device.
In addition to all those plugs, it's got an integrated night light for those of you afraid of the dark as well as a rotating plug to make sure it fits in awkwardly-located outlets.

Want one? They'll be selling for $60 come October.

iLounge via Ubergizmo

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