The 15-year-old girl with bionic fingers

Stories of bionic limbs doing this or that for people never ceases to brighten up my day. Here's another: Britain's Chloe Holmes, 15, lost her fingers at a very young age. Now, she's get a brand new pair, and they're just about as good as anyone else's.

After contracting chicken pox as a toddler, Chloe came down with septicemia, which claimed the young girl's fingers. Her whole life she's been wearing rubber hands which would cover up her lack of fingers, but were not very functional besides that.

Her new set of bionic fingers can operate much like any other hand out there, with an elongated thumb that helps Chloe pick things up. She's only had the $67,000 prosthetic for a while but it's already changing her life.

"We'd go out as a family and people would stare for the wrong reasons," her father, Pete, told the BBC, "they stare now in amazement."

See Chloe and her new bionic fingers in the video below.

BBC, via Buzzfeed

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