High-tech money clip slides your credit cards out

Do you carry six or more credit cards in your wallet? Want to manage them and keep your cash organized? Say hello to the ACM Wallet, it's like a Keyport for your cards.

The ACM Wallet is not your usual bi or trifold wallet. It's more of a glorified money clip with interchangeable credit card button indicators that help slide corresponding cards out. As we said, it's just like the Keyport, but instead of sliding keys out, it slides credit cards.

What's it really good for? Nothing really, except it looks slick when you push those cards out to buy a hot date dinner or a drink. The ACM Wallet certainly has that "I'm ballin'" factor to it.

Six-card ACM Wallets run $55 while 12-card ones cost $60. It also comes in a variety of colors for those who care about having a pink ACM Wallet. Also be warned, ACM states the latter is not designed to fit into any pants pocket (probably because of its girth) and is made for storage in a handbag or purse.

Via ACM Wallet

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