Steampunk hits new heights with tricked out $1.7 million open loft

The Steampunk-ification of everything and anything is now complete with this steampunk-themed loft in New York City's Chelsea district.

This loft isn't just a house with steampunk gadgets in it, the entire house is steampunk-ified itself. With a front a front door modeled after a submarine porthole, sepia colored concrete floors, large wooden gears that weigh 500 pounds, vintage recliners with cup holders collected from antique shops, a color changing blimp mounted on the ceiling and metal trinkets and fans everywhere, this is probably the place I want to have a party in once Halloween rolls around.

While some steampunk creations run only skin deep, the 1,800 square-foot steampunk open loft with one bedroom and two full baths hidden behind a wall of gears is intricately functional. Its bedroom is styled after an exploding Zeppelin with a bed that lifts and lowers when a deactivated bomb switch is pressed.

If that's not enough to make you drool, this $1.7 million dollar home also has a private terrace to keep your guests from dripping booze all over the place. If only we had the cash, we'd snatch this Jules Vernes-inspired home up in a jiffy.

CORE, via WSJ and Curbed

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