Sony now lets you virtually see TVs in your home before you buy

Do you ever wonder where the best place to put your TV is? Perhaps it's better to see if that 120-inch set you fantasize about fits your desired space before you go out and buy it. Throw away that measuring tape and those false dreams — augmented reality is coming to the rescue.

AR seems like it's becoming quite the popular way to sell TVs. Panasonic, for instance, let you see how big a screen would fit your space using an app, and now Sony's U.K. branch is jumping on the AR bandwagon, too.

How does it work? First off, make sure your printer has ink, the process won't work if you do not print an AR marker out 100%. Once your printer is functioning in tip-top shape than you are good to start the AR process. This, uh, may or may not have happened to me.

The marker looks like this:


After printing, affixing the marker to the wall and photographing it your desired TV space, simply upload that photo to the Sony site and the rest is cakewalk. Sony's online tool to see what various sized TV models would look like in your living room and you can even add movie or sports image to add to the realism.

There's something interesting about the physical act of placing the marker where you want your future TV to go, but the physical process is a step it wouldn't hurt to eliminate. I kept thinking I'd rather hold an iPad or smartphone and do it directly through an app — but perhaps that is just a bitter lack of printer ink talking. Check it out in the video below.

Sony, via Engadget

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