Sony reveals two 3D shootin' high def digital binoculars

The 3D push continues to invade every last electronic in Sony's portfolio. For Sony, every gadget must support 3D or face obsolescence. 3D binoculars? Sounds dumb right?

According to Sony, the DEV-3 and DEV-5 digital binoculars are the world's first digital binoculars with HD recording (up to 1080p). The only difference between the two models appears to be that the DEV-5 has a built-in "GPS receiver that automatically geotags video clips as you travel" and 20x zoom versus the DEV-3's 10x zoom and lack of GPS.

Both models shoot 7.1-megapixel still 2D and 3D images, have HDMI ports, electronic autofocus "to focus on subjects as close as 1cm away when recording in 2D (min. 80cm when recording in 3D)" and batteries that last for three hours of 2D video recording.

Sony didn't mention any hours for 3D video recording, but based on experience, battery life on 3D-equipped electronics like the Nintendo 3DS and HTC EVO 3D usually sucks. In 3D mode, you'll probably get as little as half the hours you would normally get on 2D.

Take a good gander these digital binoculars. Don't they remind you of something? Something from Star Wars? Why of course it is, these binoculars look like a spiffier version of Luke Skywalker's binoculars in A New Hope — only cooler.


If looks could kill, these digital Sony binoculars would. The DEV-3 clocks in at $1,400, while the DEV-5 is $2,000 and both come out this November. Bird watching just became a hobby I might consider.

Sony, via Mashable

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