Snowspeeder SNES and TIE Fighter N64 show Lucas how it's done

No fans can put a smile on our faces the way Star Wars fans can. It's true, only the geekiest of fans will put one and one together, in this case, it's Kevin "CorellianCustoms" Glenn who created two custom console mods. The first one, a Rebel Snowspeeder SNES and the other, a TIE Fighter Nintendo 64.

We'll even go as far as to say these might even be more amazing than the special edition R2-D2 Xbox 360.

Make no mistake, these consoles aren't just toy models from 1995 with SNES and N64 guts shoved inside — they actually work. Both console mods come with their respective controllers, A/V cables and power bricks (built-in on the TIE fighter N64).

The best part is, you can buy both of these Star Wars consoles. CorrellianCustoms is selling the Snowspeeder SNES for $185 and the TIE Fighter N64 for $210. A little on expensive for some retro consoles, but well worth the money, if you're a Nintendo and Star Wars fan. Hit the link below to see CC's Etsy page if you're the slightest bit interested. These might actually be the old Nintendo systems you're looking for.

CorellianCustoms, via TinyCartridge

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