Smartphones with 1280x720 res screens looking more real every day

No matter how large the screens on Android smartphones are, they've constantly been the butt of all iPhone 4 jokes because they're not "Retina Displays" with tight pixel density. The next crop of Android smartphones might actually leapfrog the iPhone 4 with resolutions usually reserved for tablets and laptops.

We first heard that Samsung was working on smartphones with monstrous 4.65-inch and 5.29-inch screens and 1280x720 resolutions. Samsung then issued a statement saying that certain details might have been misconstrued, but didn't flat out deny the 720p resolution smartphone claims.

Now, there's chatter that Sony Ericsson is prepping a 4.3-inch Android smartphone codenamed "Nozomi" with said 1280x720 resolution, set for release in Japan later this year. A global release will then executed. The handset will also come with a 1.4GHz single-core processor (no dual-core?), 1GB RAM and use micro SIM cards like the iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, the Samsung 720p smartphone rumors won't dry up either, suggesting the Korean electronics giant is indeed working with higher resolution smartphone screens.

Some would argue that a smartphone with such a high resolution is unnoticeable on a little screen. True as that may be (again, it's arguable), a higher resolution screen would also allow more information to fit on the screen — a welcome feature for those sick of constantly scrolling, pinching and zooming.

Even though the first official smartphone with 720p resolution has yet to be announced, it's not unbelievable to believe most smartphones will pack all these pixels by next year. Assuming the phones aren't as large as a Dell Steak 5, I think most people would appreciate the oodles of extra pixels.

Like it or not, big screen smartphones are becoming the norm.

XperiaBlog, via Phandroid

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