Sights and sounds of Halo 4 revealed in this concept art video

343 Industries, the new stewards of the Halo franchise, has put out a new trailer showing off some lovely Halo 4 concept art. Just a bunch of slides would have sufficed, but 343 decided to pull out all the stops and make this one atmospheric ride.

Not too many plot points have been revealed just yet, but you can see everyone's favorite cyborg in green, Master Chief, gazing out across a variety of landscapes. It looks like the Covenant is going to crash the party at some point as per usual, and their ships are looking decidedly boxier this time around.

Also different is the music. Halo is known for its sweeping, chorus-heavy score, but this time around the emphasis is less on the voices (they're still there, barely) and more on orchestra and synth. Not a bad thing, just different.

Microsoft-formed 343 Industries, a team that includes staff from Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series who have now moved on to other things, have revealed that Halo 4 will kick-off what's being called the Reclaimer Trilogy.

"This trilogy is a direct continuation to the events in Halo 3. It will deal with the fate of John and the fate of Cortana," Frank O'Connor, formerly of Bungie himself, told a crowd at PAX Prime, a video game expo hosted by the minds behind Penny Arcade. "You've lived with inert, static Forerunner abandoned structures. It's going to be really interesting to see a different aspect of Forerunner engineering and Forerunner architecture when it's not completely inert and dead and empty."

That does sound interesting, indeed. All throughout the Halo series — but especially in the first one — the player is always surrounded by technology from an era long gone, with the Covenant bring the high-tech goodness in the form of hot plasma to your face. This time around, it sounds like we'll be able to play with some of that ancient, dormant technology, too.

Now crank up your volume, scroll down, sit back and enjoy the vid.

Halo Waypoint, via Joystiq and

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