Accordion-like 'privacy shell' is a papercraft cone of silence

If you wanted to escape from the world for a few minutes what's the best thing to do? Put on something that makes you look like a wannabe Lady Gaga backing singer of course!

The "Veasyble" Privacy Shell is an accordion-like folding head covering that you can pull across your face or head to give you a tiny sanctuary of solitude, letting you escape from the crazy world for a few minutes.

That sounds like a cool idea, but the problem is that the Privacy Shell is so whacky looking, that it's going to raise eyebrows even here in New York, where we tend to ignore all kinds of crazy looking people. I imagine that when you finally decide to fold away the Privacy Shell and return to the real world, there's going to be a huge crowd around you trying to see if Gaga was lurking under the cover. Privacy bubble popped.

Some of the bigger Privacy Shells let two people sneak away together, perfect for those not-so-inconspicuous private rendezvous.

The Veasyble is a collaboration by illustrator Gloria Pizzilli, designer Arianna Petrakis, model Adele Bacci and a singer, Ilaria Pacini. See it unfold in the gallery below.

Veasyble, via Toxel, via Coolest Gadgets

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