Screw fish tanks, get yourself a jellyfish tank

Having a small fish tank on your desk is kind of cool, but it's also not that unique. Lots of people have fish tanks! But not many people have a jellyfish tank.

This Jellyfish Tank features "full-spectrum energy efficient LEDs for illumination, an air diffuser for maximum oxygenation, built-in biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration, a bubble channel to shield the jellyfish from the air, and an included voucher good for three of the little menaces as well as a pack of food." I'm not sure where you can take that voucher to buy jellyfish, but once you've procured your new brood, you'll have one of the most unique desk ornaments in the office. Until that jerk from payroll gets a shark tank. Always trying to one-up you, that one.

Jellyfish Art via Uncrate

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