Qatar getting semi-submerged floating island resort

Seeing as man-made theme islands have all worked out so well in the past, a new marine-themed hotel is under development in Qatar. And what better way to experience marine life than by putting a $500 million construction project in the middle of a marine reserve?

When finished, the Amphibious 1000 resort will feature four giant hotels with underwater rooms, or if that's not fancy enough for you, you can rent one of 80 self-contained floating suites, each of which has four floors plus an underwater "aquarium lounge." A bunch of hydrogen-powered yachts are available, also with underwater viewing areas, and there's a huge aquarium at the center of the resort.

This is all very fancy looking, and I'd totally want to stay here, but I can't help wondering just how long it's going to take for the marine life to recover from the actual construction process, and whether there's going to be very much to look at until it does. In any case, there are plenty of concept pics to look at right now, in the gallery below.

GZDG, via Gizmag

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