PumpTire, the bike tire that auto-inflates as you ride

Benjamin Krempel doesn't want to have to pump his bike tires anymore. Normally, that'd come off as whining, but Krempel's got the power of invention on his side: a working prototype of a bicycle tire you really don't have to pump.

The PumpTire system is so simple it's pretty surprising something like this isn't the norm. It uses a valve along with a special inner tube, working in conjunction, to tell when your tires need a little more air let in and when they're full. That's really all it is — no embedded motor or anything fancy. And nothing that'll have you using your bike any differently.

Krempel's put together a handy video showing how it all works, including a proof of his working prototype. See it below.

He's also looking for money to fund the project. $250,000, actually, of which he's only raised over $8,000 with only just more than a month to go. Seems like a tall order, but hey, people paid $200,000 to have a bunch of alien-hunting radio telescopes turned on. Krempel has an option in there whereby folks can donate only a buck, if you're looking to support the project but don't want to be a heavy investor.

KickStarter, via TDW Geeks

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