Prototype 3G MacBook Pro has a MagSafe antenna

Over the weekend, a mystery man put a prototype 3G MacBook Pro up on eBay. The auction got up to $70,000 before Apple had it pulled from the site. But we still got a pretty good look at it!

The laptop is a 15-inch 2007 MacBook Pro that has a 3G antenna, 3G hardware and a SIM card slot built right in. The antenna slid out from the upper corner of the screen, and it attached with a magnet, much like the MagSafe power cords Apple uses. That way, if it was knocked or bumped it would harmlessly pop off rather than break or take the whole laptop with it.

It looks like Apple has been dabbling with building 3G connectivity into its laptops for some time now, although they haven't released a 3G laptop yet. But hopefully this is something we can look forward to soon, perhaps next year we'll have both LTE iPhones and LTE MacBook Airs.

Via MacRumors

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