Rainbowizing ants will brighten up your insect infestation

Instead of freaking out over an ant problem, an Indian scientist decided to see what happened if he welcomed the little buggers with gifts of colored sugar water. The results were fairly spectacular.

When given the opportunity, ants, like humans, will gorge themselves on sugar water to near bursting, causing their abdomens to expand and become translucent. Hrm, so maybe that last part isn't exactly like humans, but in any case, the ants don't seem to mind at all. After noticing that ants that drank spilled milk turned white, Dr. Mohamed Babu tried the same trick with sugary water plus food coloring, and the ants drank it up and turned into little rainbows.

According to Dr. Babu, ants generally prefer bright colors to dark ones, but some of the more curious insects sampled several different colors, creating new hues as the sugar water mixed in their abdomens. You can spot a few of these if you look extra closely at the pics below.

Daily Mail, via Laughing Squid

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