Live-action Portal fan film is astounding

I've followed the movie, comic and gaming review musings of Dan Trachtenberg since he first started on Geekdrome and then when he moved on to The Totally Rad Show. And although I always knew he was a budding director, there was no way to anticipate that he'd give birth to what may be the most awesome short adaptation of a video game ever: Portal: No Escape.

In Trachtenberg's film for the first time we get to see a live version of the protagonist Chell (played by actress Danielle Rayne) from Valve's Portal game. Following the narrative of the video game, Chell awakes to find herself trapped in a desolate prison with her only means of escape being the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. The quality of the cinematography, faithful to the video game world building, acting and music all combine to make this a short that many commenters (myself included) are excitedly saying should be immediately turned into a full feature film. You can see the entire video (recommended setting is HD, full screen and sound up) below.

Via Dan Trachtenberg

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