Particle physicist devises fastest way for airlines to board passengers

Science: is there anything it can't do? Dr. Jason Steffen, a scientist at Fermilab, got frustrated with how inefficiently airlines board customers. So he used simulations with a Monte Carlo optimization algorithm to come up with a better way.

So what is the method? Here you go:

In his method, first, alternate rows on one side of the plane board, but just the window seats. Then the other side boards, in alternate rows with one row between each passenger. Again, window seats only. Then back to the other side, with the middle seats this time. And so on. The result is a beautiful choreography as rows of passengers simultaneously stow their luggage and take their seats in tandem.
The video below shows the method in action. And wouldn't you know it, it makes a lot of sense!

Of course, that doesn't mean that airlines will start using this system. That'd make too much sense! But with the promise of cutting boarding times fully in half, maybe, just maybe, they'll consider it.

Via Consumerist

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