Paris airport testing 'holographic' staffers

Being told your plane is about to board could get a lot more pleasant, if other airports around the world follow France's lead. Paris's Orly airport is testing virtual boarding agents using what officials there are calling "2-D holograms."

The "2-D holograms" are simple — and not really holographic — but the end result is still rather charming. The life-like virtual staffers are a video projection played against a human-shaped plexiglass cutout.

When a plane is ready for passengers, human staff members only have to press a button and the eye-catching virtual boarding agent will appear and run through a pre-recorded message. Paris-Orly has been testing the virtual displays out for about a month now, and, as you can see in the video below, they definitely draw a lot of attention.

So, why would a "holographic" boarding agent be a positive? Well, they'll never be sour, for one, and a pre-recorded message means what you'll hear should always be clear and not a garbled mess over an airport PA system. A little more interactivity would be nice, such as the ability to hear the message in a different language or to ask the agent certain questions, but it's a pretty good start.

Yahoo News, via TechEBlog, via TDW Geeks

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