Of course, it's an iPhone case with a severed hand on the back

Looking for an iPhone case that's not only unsettling, but is so awkwardly shaped that you'll have a hard time holding it or finding a place to keep it? Great! Here you go.

Yes, this is an iPhone case that has a lifelike rubber hand on the back. Why? A fair question! I have no idea, but I assume the manufacturer had its reasons when they decided to make this horrorshow. Maybe severed hands are fashionable in Japan? Or maybe people just like the feeling of holding hands so much that they wanted to be able to do that while talking on the phone? I don't know, guys. I just know I'm staying far away from this one.

Looks like the hands come in "Lady Hand" and "Child Hand" variants. And yeah, holding your phone like this looks as weird as you'd imagine:


Strapya World via Boing Boing

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