MySpace 3.0 will fight iTunes and Spotify later this year

Why, oh, why won't MySpace just die already? Does anybody even care about it anymore? After being offloaded earlier this year by News Corp. to Specific Media, the social network where everybody's first friend was Tom Anderson is getting a reboot — again.

A return to music. That's exactly what Specific Media and its creative director Justin Timberlake want to do. Yes, the artist who ruled the charts with boy band NSYNC, brought "Sexy Back" and starred as ballin' Napster founder Sean Parker in The Social Network is helping revive MySpace.

MySpace's (or should I say My______ ) new senior VP of global marketing Al Dejewski told AdAge the site's new image will focus heavily on it being a music hub and take on the likes of iTunes, Spotify and Vevo later this year.

"No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs."

"We have over 70 million active users globally on a monthly basis, and in the U.S. it's in the 30 [million] to 40 million range right now," Mr. Dejewski said. "It's no small database by any means. While we may have lost some traction to people like Facebook, things like LinkedIn are a very different proposition in my mind. We have a very broad reach and footprint today and one we can capitalize upon, no question about it."

Hm. Another online music streaming/downloading and discovery service? Isn't that kind of what MySpace already is?

Who still goes to MySpace for their music needs? It's going to be tough to reverse the bad taste that MySpace's downfall left in everybody's mouths. Maybe Specific Media has a winning plan. Maybe it doesn't.

We're just glad MySpace is not trying to revive itself as a Facebook or Twitter killer. The world doesn't need another one, especially now that Google+ is skyrocketing to the top. As they say, "It's time to face the music."

What's your take on this? Should somebody finally shoot MySpace in the brains? It's a dying dinosaur. It really needs to go.

Via AdAge

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