Montana couple builds life-sized Hobbit house, mini Shire with it

Who are the biggest Lord of the Rings fans in the world? Nope, not the guy who owns every single of the books, movies and dresses up as Gandalf on Halloween. It's not even the folk who had Gollum as their ring bearer in one of the weddings in Four Weddings.

That honor now officially belongs to Steve and Christina Michaels, a couple from Montana that love Frodo Baggins and his little Hobbit friends so much that they built a life-sized Hobbit house and an entire miniature Shire to accompany it.

The complete opposite of Yotel, the "Hobbit House of Montana," as it's officially called, is about as natural looking as they come. The entire project took $410,000 to build and guest stays cost $245 a night. It's pricey, but how else are you supposed to live out your Hobbit dreams?

The Michaels' Hobbit house isn't all mortar and 700-year-old cedar stump, though. Inside is a handcrafted kitchen with HDTVs, Blu-ray players, Wi-Fi and XM Radio. It's about as far from backwards as you would have thought.

Only 14 stays have ever been booked so far, so you'll be joining an exclusive club should you visit. Don't bring your pets, though — they're not allowed because coyotes and bears have been known to come out at night, which could lead to some unpleasant attacks.

TheHobbitHouse, via AcidCow and OddityCentral

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