LG crams a portable scanner into an optical mouse

Computer mice come in a zillion different shapes and sizes, but it's getting really ridiculous. First a calculator and scale get shoved into a mouse and now LG stuffs a scanner into one? How on earth does that even fit in there?

It's magic. LG has a shrink ray gun that miniatures everything. The Smart Scan LSM-100 mouse that can scan up to A3 size when its held above documents. It's a fat looking mouse, but LG's spec sheet shows its capable of scanning files to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, DOC and XLS files — basically every universal format that you'll really need.

The downside to the Smart Scan appears to be its tethered cable. No wireless here buddy.

Scanner mice don't come cheap. LG's selling them for $150 a pop in Europe by the end of this month. Anybody still in the market for a portable scanner?

Via Gizmag

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