iPad music dock turns your tablet into a portable recording studio

For those of us independent musicians familiar with the days of shelling out many thousands of dollars to build a home studio with stacks of exotic gear, the iPad solution has been like a breath of fresh. But without the proper accoutrements, even the best iPad music creation apps will only go so far: enter the Alesis iO Dock.

The iO Dock allows you to seamlessly take your professional audio gear, instruments and microphones and marry them with the entire range of music creation apps on your iPad while retaining exquisite sound quality. Featuring two combination XLR and 1/4 inch inputs, two MIDI jacks, an RCA Composite video port, and a USB port allowing you to connect the device to a more powerful Mac or PC, the iO Dock is the accessory many iPad musicians have been waiting for. Selling for about $200, you can see the iO Dock in action in the video below.

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