HP kills off Palm's webOS

When Palm launched the webOS mobile software a couple of years ago, it was generally seen as a pretty solid offering and a good alternative to the iPhone. But since then, HP has bought Palm, and not too many webOS devices have been sold. And today, HP killed the OS off.

HP has announced that the OS, which they bought Palm for for $1.2 billion a year ago, is discontinuing operations. No more updates to the TouchPad or for webOS phones, although HP will probably continue to support existing devices.

It's a sad but not entirely surprising turn of events. It's tough to support a mobile OS when you're the only company making phones with it (unless you're Apple, of course), and HP decided to just cut its losses. But still, one less choice, especially a pretty good choice like webOS, isn't good for customers.

Via Engadget

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