Homemade tar and feather gun makes protesting a cinch

Tarring and feathering a dude is a messy job. Wouldn't it be easier if you could shoot a canister of the gunk at somebody without gooing up your fingers? Enter the Portable Pneumatic Variable Payload Delivery Device a.k.a. tar and feather gun.

Penfold Merton won't win any awards for his DIY hideous tar and feather gun, but he will win the hearts of pranksters everywhere with it. Since it's named the "tar and feather gun," you would think it only shoots, well, tar and feathers, but it actually takes just about any concoction of junk that can be stuffed into a canister.

As this poor "intern" in the video discovers, having shaving cream, flour, miscellaneous medical waste and tar and feathers all shot in your face doesn't exactly make you feel like a million bucks.

The beauty to Merton's gun is of course the reloading system. To eject a canister, simply slap the weapon's front barrel and out it pops — allowing for rapid reloads.

Want to build your own tar and feather gun out of PVC pipes and off the shelf materials? Full instructions over at Instructables.

High five to Merton. Now, when is version 2.0 with the sleeker trims coming out?

Instructables, via GG

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