Hell yes: There's a real-deal Mario/Portal mashup in the works

The original Super Mario Brothers is perhaps the most famous video game of all time. Portal and its sequel, Portal 2 are two of the most critically acclaimed video games of the past few years. We've seen it before as a spoof, but now somebody is combining them into one supergame.

The game, which will be released freely on the internet, will feature all of the original Super Mario Brothers levels, but with a twist: Mario will have a portal gun. This will let him stick portals wherever he pleases, allowing him to jump super high or to have goombas walk right into holes that'll send them into a bottomless pit. In other words, it'll completely change the game.

Even better: a level editor will be included, so more puzzle-based levels will soon be added. I, for one, am very excited about this one. World's colliding never looked so fun. You can read all about how the development is going over here.

StabYourself via Kottke

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