Gummy bear shaped earbuds smell deliciously fruity

Today's date definitely does not read April 1. Sure enough, Fredflare thought it would be smart to make earbuds that don't just look like gummy bears, but smell like them too.

At $18 a pair, these gummy bear earbuds will make your ear smell fruity, er...if you don't wash them frequently? Yeah, we have no idea why anybody would want this, but clearly there's a market for it. Perhaps children would love these?

No, that wouldn't work. Small kids would probably try eating the apple, strawberry or blueberry scented earbuds.

For whatever reason these even exist, I think you're better off sticking to these Lego or Reese's Peanut Butter earbuds that don't smell.

FredFlare, via Technabob and CNET Crave

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