Groom programs a computer to help wed him and his fiancé

When a friend couldn't wed Miguel Hanson and his fiancé Diana Wesley, the 33-year-old IT consultant decided to write his own computerized minister and have the computer marry the two. Nerdy? Yes, but the couple are nerdy and proud!

You see, Miguel and Diana are geeks on the inside and out. The couple met on the "geek social network Sweet on Geeks and their wedding cake was even made out Nerds candy (get it?).

So it's not really strange that the couple was married by "Rev. Bit," a digital minister displayed on a 30-inch monitor that Miguel controlled with a wireless mouse.

It's probably the nerdiest love story you've heard since a robot administered a wedding in Japan. And although some of their family members were irked out by the idea of having a computer bind Miguel and Diana together "for richer or poorer," they eventually warmed up to it.

Rev. Bit might not have the mighty powers to officially wed the couple (they'll still need to have their official marriage paperwork taken care of in front of a justice of peace), but at least the newlywed Hansons can say they made the news.

Congrats to them! Who else is going to follow in the Hanson's shoes?

NBC DFW and DailyMail, via Slashdot

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