Good news, everyone: everything is getting better

Is life getting you down? Do things seem hard or tough? Well, buck up, 'cause according to The Millennium Project's 2011 State of the Future report, pretty much everything is getting better.

The State of the Future report looks back at trends over the last 20 years as well as how things are today, and projects those data ahead for the next decade. The good news is that the near future has a markedly positive outlook:


There are still a few things that we as a species need to work on, though:


Now, it's important to take all of these numbers in context, and understand that as it's a projection, we (i.e. society) have the power to actually buckle down and make some changes for the better:

The 2011 State of the Future offers no guarantee of a rosy future. It documents potentials for many serious nightmares, but it also points to a range of solutions for each. If current trends in population growth, resource depletion, climate change, terrorism, organized crime, and disease continue and converge over the next 50-100 years, it is easy to imagine an unstable world with catastrophic results. If current trends in self-organization via future Internets, transnational cooperation, materials science, alternative energy, cognitive science, interreligious dialogues, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology continue and converge over the next 50-100 years, it is easy to imagine a world that works for all.

2011 State Of The Future (PDF), via Long Now

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