Game trailer offers best vision of cyborg society you've ever seen

When is the promotional trailer for a new game possibly better than the game itself? That's the question one is forced to ask after watching the brilliant and compelling series of new live action promotional videos for the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution game depicting a world of augmented humanity gone awry.

The plot of the game is essentially a prequel set in 2027, many years before the original Deus Ex game, and the focus is on augmented humans as seen in the videos below. The first video is a faux promotional spot from fictional company Sarif Industries peddling an enhanced life by way of mechanical eye, leg and arm augmentations.

The other video essentially offers a short documentary showing dark side of human augmentation including homelessness, crime and augmentation drug addition leading to revolution. What is so amazing about these videos is that they are so well done that they essentially whet the appetites of science fiction fans for a full feature film that would show us the full story of this fascinating dystopia.

It's also a chilling look at what might actually be in store for our grandchildren if the future of medical science takes just the right (wrong?) turns. You can check out the videos below.

Via PlasticPals

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