Free falling from the world's highest swing is absolutely insane

This is not your average playground swing. Nevis Arc, the world's highest swing sits over a canyon in Queenstown, New Zealand. Riding it is guaranteed to induce screaming.

It's not just the 160 meter (525 feet) height that scares the living lights out of its swingers, but the 300 meter (964 feet) arc and 70 meter (230 feet) free fall that will have them clamoring for the safety of solid ground.

How all these riders have the courage to swing over, from one end of the canyon to the other, with only the promise of a bunch of safety belts and buckles strapping them in is really a testimony to today's daredevils.

As one visitor from TripAdvisor noted, "I never thought you could plummet 70m free fall into a wide canyon and feel completely safe, but alas it is true!"

Looks like I've got to plan a trip to New Zealand that'll involve more than looking a sheep, beautiful landscapes, rugby and oh, beautiful landscapes. See the swing for yourself in the video below.

YouTube, via BuzzFeed and TripAdvisor

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