Fox's new 8-day delay on streaming shows pushes people to piracy

Fox has just instituted an eight-day delay between when a new show airs and when it becomes available online through Hulu. And wouldn't you know it, people would rather just pirate the shows than wait over a week.

Here are the damning statistics:

During the first 5 days, the number of downloads from the U.S. for the latest episode of Hell's Kitchen increased by 114% compared to the previous 3 episodes. For MasterChef the upturn was even higher with 189% more downloads from the U.S. For MasterChef; the extra high demand may in part have been facilitated by the fact that it was the season finale.

Expect those numbers to be even worse once the fall season starts and shows people really care about, like The Simpsons, are suddenly delayed by eight days. It's pretty tough to put the genie back in the bottle once people have gotten used to being able to stream the next day, and they're much more likely to turn to illegal means than to happily wait however long Fox deems appropriate. We'll see how long this delay lasts.

Via TorrentFreak

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