Feds descend on hacker convention and put up a 'help wanted' sign

U.S. government agents have descended on the secretive Defcon hacker's convention in Las Vegas this week. But rather than trying to take down the guys who hacked in to the CIA website last June, they were there to hang up a 'help wanted' sign.

It seems that the U.S. government is finally taking these hacking problems seriously, so who better to find vulnerabilities in a security system than the hackers themselves?

A veritable alphabet soup of Federal agencies are hiring, including the DOD, DHS, NASA and NSA, with the NSA alone looking to hire 3,000 people over the next two years. Sounds tempting, but I wonder how well the typical rebellious hacker type will fit into the straight laced world of a Federal agency. Then there's the problem of hackers who have the skills, but figure if they can get through the screening process, they will be able to unleash unprecedented levels of chaos from the inside.

Let the background checks begin.

Reuters, via Huffington Post

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