Fake speed camera birdhouse slows cars, pisses off authorities

Ian Magee was sick of people speeding past his house at double the speed limit, so he installed this fake speed camera in a really conspicuous spot on his property.

What's really clever, is that Magee didn't just put up a dummy speed camera, he made it into a real working bird feeder, allowing the critters to get in where the lens would normally be.

In England where Magee lives, speed cameras are all of a similar design, so drivers are used to keeping an eye out for them as they drive. Magee says that even off duty ambulances and police cars are slowing down, so apparently his plan is working.

While the local cops say they have no problem with the box, the town council says it is "unnecessary clutter" even though it's on private land, and have ordered him to take it down. Magee may get the last laugh however. Apparently some endangered Pipistrelle bats have taken up residence if the faux speed box, making it illegal to disturb their new home.

Daily Mail, via Treehugger

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