EV Profiler studies your driving, knows if electric cars are for you

On the fence about whether or not an electric car would be the right fit for you? Well, stop trying to make such a big decision with that weak, fleshy lump you've got between your ears — let today's superior technology sort it out!

EV Profiler's Driving Data Recorder (or DDR, pictured) is a data logger that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter/power port. It'll quietly pay attention to how you use your current gas-powered monstrosity and compile a Web-based report showing you how your life would change if you had a vehicle powered by sweet, renewable electricity.

How fast you drive, how often you accelerate, the terrain you run into during your commute (upward and downward slopes, for instance), whether you take highways or local roads and more is all taken into account by the DDR, and then EV Profiler will stack up your data against real vehicle profiles such as the Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. It's basically a virtual test drive, and EV Profile has the ability to include more and newer cars as the service evolves. You then can see just how much real-world range you'd get out of an EV.

Your summary would look something like this:


Finding out whether or not you'd benefit from an EV sounds like it could be pretty costly, however. The DDR itself is planned as a rental for $25 a week or $82 a month. The idea actually started as an app, but it was found that the app wasn't accurate enough to really tell you what an EV in your life would be like.

EV Profiler, via CNET

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